About us

Wahaa Manpowers Supplier was founded in 1993 by Mr. Arif .I. Sachidina and has since established itself as a reliable manpower consultant in India.

For nearly two decades Wahaa has been a 360 degrees solution provider in the field of recruitment.
We have our own licensed offices in Qatar, UAE and Oman and India, with plans to make our presence felt in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria etc, as well with our sourcing headquarters in Mumbai, India, we also have spread ourselves under the WMS banner in Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Pakistan, etc.

We recognize the difficulties that are often faced while performing a relatively simple-sounding task: ‘putting together the right person for the right job’. Our objective is simple- to find the right people for the jobs so that our clients can focus their resources on optimizing their productivity. Our service offerings include:

  • In depth evaluation and screening that ensures the requisite academic, professional and interpersonal skills be present in all the selected candidates.
  • Personal visits to client offices to meet their HR and management teams to build an accurate client profile
  • Individual recruitment campaigns on behalf of our clients throughout our recruitment network
  • Organizing and conducting video conferencing and telephonic interviews along with the traditional face to face interviews

At Wahaa, we are committed to providing our clients an environment that cultivates knowledge, insight and personal development.

We recognize the need for being up to date in your respective field as well as the professional world in general. Wahaa Travels & Tours- Human Resources is the source of information in the field of human resources and all related products and services worldwide. At Wahaa, you will find interesting and diverse perspectives as well as helpful advice from the leading minds in the industry.