The questions coming to the forth in most cases being that “ Why should Wahaa Manpower's Supplier be given the opportunity to provide manpower from the various nationalities, instead of procuring manpower from different agencies in different countries?”

WMS has its own licensed office in Qatar, UAE, & Oman, with a staff of specialised personnel from the recruitment field. Our team is handpicked or their effective understanding of exact needs of the client & providing tailor made solutions for their manpower needs. The CVs provided are carefully scrutinised & evaluated prior to submitting them to client, hereby saving valuable time & efforts of the client, thereby enabling them to concentrate on other productive areas. Also since we are available at the client’s doorstep, there is a high level of accessibility & accountability.

Over and above we are having our own offices in India (Mumbai), Philippines (Manila & Cotabatu), Nepal (Kathmandu), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Sri Lanka (Colombo). WE would like to emphasise here that these are not associate offices, but offices which are operated under our flagship, with the staff manning them directly under the supervision from our headquarters. We furthermore have a strongly bound network of associate offices in most African nations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Yemen, as well as Egypt, Lebanon etc.

To sum up the matter - We aim to provide a well organized set up, to cater to the manpower requirements of clients of varied industries, from all most nationalities at various levels of hierarchy & competency - from a project manager to a labourer, all under one roof, with complete accountability & onus.

Key benefits of recruiting through Wahaa

  • Relieves pressure on the client’s team by covering employee shortages, thereby enhancing their productivity
  • Enables projects & deadlines to be completed on time
  • Tailor made recruitment plans as per the clients requirements
  • Specialized knowledge in recruiting the right staff for the required position
  • Providing personnel of various nationalities with optimum relevant skill set
  • In depth market knowledge along with the rules & regulations of various countries for the procurement of manpower for overseas clients, ensures that the time & efforts put in by the clients is minimum, but the results are optimum
  • Vast & effective communication network, ensures that the client has easy access to the direct availability of the candidates to screen 7 select for their various requirements.